• Tile & Grout Cleaning
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    We keep your Tile & Grout looking new! Call Us Today! 949-922-8288

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  • Tile Sealing
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    Protect and seal your tile and keep it looking great for years!

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  • Grout Cleaning
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    All Grout is a mixture of cement base and is porous and subject to staining. All manufacturers and installers, restoration services recommend sealing grout Grout does its job locking tiles tight, keeping out water, and giving floors and walls a that finished look, It’s only when grout fails, becoming stained, cracked, or falling out altogether…

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  • floors
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    We are the tile floor restoration experts in Orange County. From tile to stone we do the job right the fist time!

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  • Bathrooms
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    Bathroom Tile & Grout cleaning can be a big job, let us do it and see what real professionals can do!

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  • Kitchens
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    Kitchens can be a messy place but we take on any job big or small and keep it looking beautiful.

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  • Countertops
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    Over time counter-tops can become stained and lose its luster, we have the experience and knowledge for the toughest jobs.

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  • Stone Restoration
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    With over 25 years of Tile, Grout and Stone restoration experience we are the #1 choice in Orange County. Call Us First!

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  • Tile & Grout
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    Tile and grout cleaning service is different than your normal cleaning service and specializes in the knowledge and expertise in how to restore the type of tile and grout you may have. Porous materials like grout will absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and lime over time. By using the right cleaning and restoration methods and using…

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  • Stone Cleaning
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    We also offer Stone Cleaning and Polishing Services for Travertine, Mexican Pavers, Marble, Granite counter tops, limestone and more. We only use the latest techniques and tools to restore and maintaining the beauty of your natural stone and tile and grout surfaces.

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